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In light of the high competitive dynamism in the free market, the diversity of institutions’ needs, and the high costs Logistics provides you with Tawseelonline of professional, modern, multi-media and multi-level logistics solutions It allows you to reduce costs and achieve efficiency with speed of performance, which ensures that your project competes strongly and achieves success Profits

In addition to professionalism in providing logistical solutions and supply chain engineering, 3pl.4pl.5pl contracting with... Online delivery puts in your hands a comprehensive, dynamic and real-time overview of the entire market and opens a portal for you It has extensive knowledge of modern technologies and reserves a seat for you in the future of smart logistical solutions based on Artificial intelligence and modern electronic technology.


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Taking into account market dynamics and trends and the needs of our partners,intermodal transport. Intermodal transport is preferred worldwide because it offers environmental benefits such as reduced CO2, particulate matter and N2O emissions, as well as reduced diesel consumption in these times of rapidly depleting natural resources.

Intermodal transport has many significant advantages: reduced noise pollution, predictability of delivery times, elimination of traffic, more flexible planning processes, fixed departure times; higher service quality standards, and easier planning and support for large-scale projects.

The main advantages of our intermodal transport are the following:

  • Stable and competitive costs
  • Fixed prices for at least one year
  • Transport capacities available all year round, including during holiday periods
  • Stability
  • Low/zero influence in situations of driver absence, traffic restrictions, blocked or congested highways, factors that have a negative impact on road transport
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Reduced carbon footprint